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Versatille Letters – by Sharjah Museums Authority

Tagalsir (Taj) is an incredibly gifted and highly influential calligrapher whose creativity and passion for his craft has placed him at the vanguard of the UAE’s calligraphy movement. Taj, who has lived in the UAE since 1988, was one of the founders of the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum and contributed to the creation of Calligraphy Square in Sharjah. He also helped launch several Arabic calligraphy magazines, including the influential title ‘Hroof Arabiya’.

Sharjah Calligraphy Museum’s new exhibition, ‘Versatile Letters’, which ran from Nov 5 to Dec 18, 2018, paid tribute to Taj’s talent for ‘Alkhatt  by presenting more than 60 of his most acclaimed works. Hosted by Sharjah Calligraphy Museum and organized by Sharjah Museums Authority, the exhibition explored Taj’s interpretation of the classic forms of calligraphy and the artistic journey that led him to create new styles and designs. And the artworks on display in ‘Versatile Letters’ showcased how the emirate of Sharjah, where Tagalsir lives and works, has been a continuous source of inspiration to the artist, spurring him to create calligraphic artworks of outstanding beauty and quality.

Beauty and Perfection – by Salman Kasid

This work is a perfect illustration of the idiosyncratic calligraphy style introduced by, and as well defines, Taj’s calligraphy legacy (The Taji Style). In this style, Taj liberates calligraphy forms from its geometric rules and renders an open, flexible, and free system for calligraphy formations, within which the alphabet characters move freely in all directions, without losing their disciplined required rhythms. Hence, the concept of renewal and innovation in calligraphy is evidently and beautifully realized.

Beauty is in the tongue and Perfection in the mind – by Mohamed Jawad Al-Taqi
Composition and Calligraphy in Special Kufi style by Taj

This quotation, drawn from Arabic heritage, “Beauty is in the tongue and Perfection in the mind”; is laden with ideas of humanity … calling for the good use of the mind and reason while the good word comes as charity through the tongue. It aptly follows on Taj and his artworks, ones which are distinguished by their uniqueness of the rhythmic movement of the calligraphy forms and characters within the whole space of the color painting, as if the artist is trying to create his own rhythmic melody.